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    Spain: Paella, Sangria, sun, beach, chorizo… WAIT A MINUTE! There’s a lot more than all that stereotypes our beautiful country has. And if we talk about extreme music, you need to know that there's a bunch of stunning bands that will rock your ears off.

    So please non-spanish friend… seat, relax and take note about some of the hottest and the heaviest spanish bands that you really need in your life.

    Tip: We did a Spotify Playlist featuring some great hits of all the bands we’re gonna talk about (Metal, Hardcore, Deathcore, Metalcore, Thrash… Heavy stuff!)

    In alphabetical order: 

    Against the waves - Madrid (Melodic Metal / Hardcore / Electronic)

    against the waves american socks

    Against the waves is formed by 5 talented dudes from Madrid who have been fighting and working hard since 2008, becoming one of the most exciting spanish bands to discover. Their last album was recorded in USA with Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Of mice & Men…) it sounds huge enough to bring down a mountain, we personally love it!

    Anthem: I’ve seen brighter days
    Instagram // Facebook

    Bellako - Mataró (Barcelona) -  (Hardcore/Metal)

    bellako american socks

    Heavy music, gang vocals and marihuana are probably the daily stuff of this 5 crazy lads from Barcelona. They’ve been playing since 2010, touring around the country, bringing stages down and breaking necks. If you're into Hatebreed, Madball or Brujeria… roll a joint and enjoy! 

    Anthem: Planta Madre + Humo
    Instagram // Facebook


    Blaze out - Barcelona (Metal/Thrash)

    blaze out socks calcetines
    They are young, talented, and they‚Äôre becoming pretty popular in youtube. Their last single ‚ÄúWrath Afire‚ÄĚ reached¬†more than a 1.500.000 views on Youtube and they've performed festivals like Resurrection in Viveiro. Be aware, this is not a one hit wonder, this is just the beginning of something huge! For Heavy-thrasher lovers!

    Anthem: Wrath Afire
    Instagram // Facebook

    Brothers till we die -  Madrid (Hardcore/Metal)

    Don’t let their angelical faces fool you! They are moshpit beasts, and their music will smash your face and
    crash your brain. Their live gigs are massive too. You don't want to miss their upcoming album “The Thin Line Between death and immortality". It's coming out this 2017.

    Anthem: Back in the game
    Instagram // Facebook


    Cannibal grandpa - Madrid (Deathcore)

    What kind of music would you expect from a band using a name like that?
    They are the perfect BSO for big circle pits with your friends. If you play it at home loud enough you'll piss out your mom and grandparents! Worth a listen.

    Anthem: Dear Diary                     
    Intagram // Facebook


    Crisix - Barcelona (Metal/Thrash)


    Formed in a mid sized city, Igualada, they are one of the most international bands on the list. Bored of touring the Iberian Peninsula they aim for South-America where they have a very passionate following. They even made up a mixed concept for soccer and pogo dance.
    These great metal motherfuckers are willing to conquer the world! Nothing is going to stop them.

    Anthem: The great metal motherfucker
    Instagram // Facebook

    Dawn of the Maya - Pamplona (Metal/Hardcore)

    The mayas tried to predict the end of the world…. but what they didn’t predict is this all star formation from Pamplona. Genius drumming plus mix of throat breaking vocals with melodic choruses, brings out a bunch of tunes you don't wanna miss. 
    They have a new album out called “Colossal".

    Anthem: Old statues
    Instagram // Facebook


    Hyde abbey - Barcelona (Deathcore)

    Born by the European California, "El Maresme" we still don't understand what turned them into the darkest side of music. They are talented, have passion and they know how to bring out a decent breakdown. Their mentality is very open minded and they are a hell of a hard touring band. Thumbs up!

    Anthem: Bake Kujira
    Instagram // Facebook


    Meltdown - Hernani (Basque Country) -  (Metal/Hardcore)

    We love their name! (Enter shikari song! cool!) But the¬†outstanding skill of writing music is what adds up most to this band. They are young and talented enough to perform some technical and electronic metal that you can't miss. We hope to see them soon in our city ūüėČ

    Anthem: Gears
    Instagram // Facebook

    Thirteen Bled Promises - Madrid  (Deathcore)

    Imagine that one day humankind needs to open the gates of hell and collaborate with the devil to fight against an alien invasion. Sounds fun, right? Well, that's the storyline behind¬†the¬†last album ‚ÄúThe Black Legend‚ÄĚ. This crazy deathcore band from Madrid are willing to be abducted to perform the first ever live show in a UFO.

    Anthem: Biblephagy Slender Phytobezoars
    Instagram // Facebook



    HAMLET - Madrid  (Metal)

    hamlet american socks

    Hamlet is one of those bands that have been out there since the late 80's but has been rearranging¬†to be up to date with the newcomer metal fans. With several albums out they are already a legend of the spanish metal scene and almost all of their gigs go sold out.¬†We're lucky enough to have them within the American Socks family ūüėć


    Not Enough for you? Every music scene is very complex and we try to list some of the dozens of awesome bands we have out there. Your band might not be here so feel free to mail us your music and we'll give it a listen in the office.

    Support & respect your locals. It's a long way to the top and every artist deserves a mention, a listen and a opportunity. 

    Many bands didn't make it this time. That's why we will be releasing VOL.2 very very soon! 

    Share it, rock it and enjoy it!



    BRIGHT TRADESHOW Berlin Fashion Week 2017

    BRIGHT TRADESHOW Berlin Fashion Week 2017

    The Fashion Week was happening in Berlin and we couldn't miss BRIGHT TRADESHOW where the coolest brands gather to show their upcoming releases. The Accessories alley had it's personal oasis with tropical vibe: American Socks!

    While doing some B2B business we got dancy with the rest of exhibitors with one of the most known Spanish music anthems: "La Macarena". Rad times.

    Enjoy the aftervideo ūüėČ

    Video by Camille @ Brightday Media
    Pictures by



    american socks bright tradeshow berlin fashion week 2017

    american socks bright tradeshow berlin fashion week 2017

    10 AWESOME Italian Pop-Punk Bands ūüĒ•ūüáģūüáĻ

    10 AWESOME Italian Pop-Punk Bands ūüĒ•ūüáģūüáĻ

    Have you ever wondered what the fuck is happening in Italy? 
    We don't really know if Pizza is indeed the Pop-Punk magic meal or the ancient Romans transmitted punker DNA into today's Italian kids. The fact, is that since the late 00's many bands from the "Penisola Appenninica" have been on the top the European scene. There's no doubt that still today, a bunch of bands stand out and bring their best tunes on impressive tours and international festivals.
    It's just a matter of time that the next big thing in Pop-Punk, waves an Italian flag.
    We listed below 10 Awesome Italian Bands you should check out straightaway. Because "Italians Do It Better"....right? (no specific order!) 

    1.Melody Fall. 

    The guys from Turin have performed in several countries like Japan or China and after more than a decade, they are still burning fuel to release albums at an impressive level. The latest release is "The Scene" a good allegory to tourlife and their passion for music. 


    2. Sunset Radio.

    sunset radio american socks italy punk

    Straight from Ravenna the 5 piece just released their first album "Vices" a great kickstart that included performances with international bands like Our Last Night and a Euro Tour. They are part of the American Socks Team and yeah, make sure to watch them live. Brace yourselves, this is just the start.

    Music: Sunset Radio - Surrounded
    Facebook / Instagram

    3. Vanilla Sky.

    vanilla sky italy punk american socks russia

    What can we say? This is the most international Italian Pop-Punk band! Popular by their covers the highlight of their career was the release of "Changes" an album that included a collaboration with Mark Hoppus! *Mindblown*. Success also came with international festivals and crowded tours. 
    Now their core fanbase is based in Russia where the band has a huge following.

    Music: Vanilla Sky - Ten Years
    Facebook / Instagram

    4. Why Everyone Left

    why everyone left pop punk american socks

    If you're looking into poppy melodies and choruses with some real hardcore background, Why Everyone Left is your band. Their latest LP "Been Home Enough" gave them the chance to tour UK last June and open for some of the biggest mainstream bands in the Pop-Punk scene. They have many plans, one of them, conquer the world.

    Music: Why Everyone Left - Do It Again
    Facebook / Instagram

    5. The Last Confidence

    the last confidence pop punk italy best bands


    After some member changes in the last couple of years this guys from Cortenuova are paddling to get back on the top of the wave. Finest energetic Pop-Punk that stands loud for "Defend Stage Diving". They already played in many cities all over the Italian territory and now they are planning an European tour. We really hope they stop by the American Socks office to hang out and drink some beers!

    Music: The Last Confidence - Temptations
    Facebook / Instagram

    6. Rising Over

    rising over italy pop punk americans socks

    These lads mix the best from two different worlds. The most intense Pop-Punk and some technical riffs from the Hardcore comeback. They released a xmas tune you should go and check out too. Good Job!

    Music: Rising Over - Echoes
    Facebook / Instagram

    7. Well Planned Attack

    well planned attack

    This band was born in Padova 2012. Their ethos from the start was hard touring. And they did. Traveling through countries like Canada, Japan or even Russia, proving that italian music is worth a listen. We don't know their future plans, but gonna follow up their upgrowing trajectory.
    If you're into bands like A Day To Remember, you'll love them!

    Music: Well Planned Attack - Unbreakable
    Facebook / Instagram

    8. Summer of Hoaxes

    summer of hoaxes italy pop punk

    We personally adore this band and it has been played in the office more than once because of the awesome vocals done by Phil. The choruses are so easy to singalong you won't get them out of your head. The band brings some real Pop-Punk influenced by the 90's into the scene and right now is recording a new EP to be released this 2017.

    Music: Summer Of Hoaxes - Black Sheep 
    Facebook / Instagram

    9. Leftovers

    leftovers italy pop punk

    Heavily influenced by Blink 182 this band is worth a mention as their music is easy listening and takes you straight to your high school days. Based in¬†Rome, they managed to make themselves a place in the¬†scene. They should improve their sock game, though. ūüėČ

    Music: Leftovers - Just Another Day

    10. Halflives

    halflives italy alternative rock

    We¬†wanted to include a female fronted band in this blog and Halflives are not only part of our team they also are a VERY talented band. They aim high and work like the best to release unbelieveable music videos and productions. Their alternative rock is made to be played in huge arenas. They're heading to Europe this 2017. Make sure to attend to any of their shows ‚̧ԳŹ

    Music: Halflives - Burn
    Facebook / Instagram 

    We surely forgot about a LOT of bands that's why please drop us an email or comment on our instagram so we can know more about you.

    Also worth mentioning those bands that flattened the way for the youngest when the scene was smaller. Together, they made the difference with a lot of effort, hard work and perseverance. 

    Sadly, some of them, are not playing together anymore.

    4th&Goal (RIP)
    Red Summer Tape (RIP)
    Last Day Before Holiday (RIP)
    Notimefor (RIP)

    Introducing Gift Boxes, the perfect Xmas Present

    Introducing Gift Boxes, the perfect Xmas Present

    Are you runing out ouf time trying to figure out the perfect Xmas Present? 
    Don't worry, we've got your back  

    Gift Boxes just droped on our Online Shop.
    Get "The Classics", "Lowriders" and "Sweetheart" for only 45‚ā¨.¬†
    Delivery just on time for Christmas Eve.

    Each bundle includes:
    ‚Ė∂Ôłé FREE SHIPPING (Only Europe)
    ‚Ė∂Ôłé 5 Pairs of American Socks.
    ‚Ė∂Ôłé AS Keychain
    ‚Ė∂Ôłé Sticker Pack.

    socks gift box cotton crossfit knee high old school skater american barcelona

    Can’t decide which pair of Socks to get? Mix, and sure you won't miss.
    This gift box includes all the essential American Socks every one's wardrobe should have.
    Designed for action and endurance, the reinforced Heel, Sole and Toe deliver a comfortable padded step and high-performance on daily lifestyle.

    The Box includes:
    - American Pride - Knee High
    - Back in Black - Knee High
    - Rainbow Pride - Mid High
    - American Pride I - Mid High
    - Old School I - Mid High

    +EXTRA: American Socks Keychain & Stickers. 

    socks gift box cotton crossfit knee high old school skater american barcelona




    Were you born to ride low?This bundle of Mid-High socks will keep you stylish all over the year. You can enjoy FREE shipping if you live within the European borders. Includes stickers and a keychain. Two styles are only available in this special bundle! Don't miss it.

    The Box includes:
    - American Pride I - Mid High
    - Back in Black - Mid High
    - Rainbow Pride - Mid High
    - Rednoise - Mid High
    - Whitenoise - Mid High

    +EXTRA: American Socks Keychain & Stickers. 

    socks gift box cotton crossfit knee high old school skater american barcelona

    This pack was designed for couples that like to match socks. 4 Knee High editions and 1 Mid High. 

    The Box includes:
    - American Pride - Knee High
    - Back in Black - Knee High
    - Rainbow Pride - Mid High
    - Bubblegum - Knee High
    - Bluenoise - Knee High

    +EXTRA: American Socks Keychain & Stickers. 


    "Take me to the Top" photoshoot by Enzo Iriarte

    Have you ever been at the top of your city? Summer is long gone and daylight hours run short when sunset kicks in at 17PM. That 20 minutes of magic colors shining just in front of your eyes, is what we experienced with Enzo Iriarte.

    Turn up your pants to show the All Time Original¬†American Socks¬†ÔĽŅeven when weather is not helping out.

    Old School I - Mid High
    Rosey Jones - Tattoo Boy - Signature Series


    american socks barcelona calcetines altos con rayas knee high socks americansocks striped

    american socks barcelona calcetines altos con rayas knee high socks americansocks striped

    american socks barcelona calcetines altos con rayas knee high socks americansocks striped

    american socks barcelona calcetines altos con rayas knee high socks americansocks striped

    american socks barcelona calcetines altos con rayas knee high socks americansocks striped