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    It's the first time the American Socks Team attend FISE, an amazing Extreme Sports Festival that happens around the river Lez in the city center of Montpelier.
    This event brings together more than 500,000 people, a MUST ATTEND event in Europe. 

    For us it was all about Socks, Music & Sports. 
    Check the After Video our Friend @MarcAgudoPhoto did below ❤️

    Groezrock 2017 Aftermovie! Check It Out

    Groezrock 2017 Aftermovie! Check It Out

    Check out the Groezrock 2017 Aftermovie.
    Music, Party and Acoustic Sessions during the whole weekend with the best bands on the festival that hanged around at the American Socks Stage.

    See you next year! 

    Groezrock Acoustic Sessions. Powered by American Socks

    Groezrock Acoustic Sessions. Powered by American Socks


    Finally it's that time of the year. In a couple of days the American Socks team heads to Meerhout in Belgium to set up our Stand. This year, we'll have various AWESOME bands that will join us at the acoustic sessions. Check out the timings below.

    Poster by Joel Abad - Grafficants

    groezrock acoustic sessions american socks poster 2017 belgium

    SATURDAY 26th
    BOSTON MANOR 12:10
    JOE McMAHON 13:20
    RED CITY RADIO 17:00
    FOD 19:40
    THE 101’S 21:10

    SUNDAY 25th
    BELVEDERE 13:15
    TIM VANTOL 14:20
    ARCANE ROOTS 15:30
    ZEBRAHEAD 19:20



    Summer Season is around the corner and there's a bunch of cool events that you may not have heard of yet. That’s why the sexy sockers at American Socks are here to introduce you to some incredible music and sports festivals around Europe you can't miss. 

    Gather your friends to plan your journey and book a meeting with your boss! You’ll need lots of Days OFF this summer!

    While reading, tune into this amazing Spotify Playlist with hits of a bunch of bands that will be the soundtrack to your festival. 

    Obviously the American Socks team will be at all the mentioned events.

    Chronological order: 


    The Outdoormix combines athletic and grassroots experiences, taking the competitive journey close to your perfect ride days. Excellent conditions, crazy outdoor party zones, and a very friendly atmosphere with people from all over Europe. You’ll experience a social exchange with eight action sport communities competing together throughout the four days.

    Where: Embrun, France
    When: 13-16 May
    What’s going on: International Ride & Party Festival 
    Line-up Highligts: Dirtyphonics & a bunch of athletes of extreme sports
    How Much:

    • 3 day pass: € 50

    Tell me more:


    Beautiful French Village + International Bands + Small Sized Festival = Good Party!
    Longlive Rockfest brings the best of the Punk-Rock and Metal scene at a really affordable price. Perfect for a fast 2 day escape.  

    Where: Lyon, France
    When: 09-11 June  
    What’s going on: Metal, Hardcore & Punkrock Festival 
    Line-up Highligts: Architects, Of Mice & Men, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, State Champs & many more!
    How Much:

    • Friday: € 32,80 (Adult)
    • Saturday: € 32,80 (Adult)
    • 2-days: € 52,80
      *More options on the website

    Tell me more:



    Extreme Barcelona Sports Festival takes place in June 2016 and brings top class pro’s in Skateboard, BMX, Inline, Scooter, Street-Board and Longboard.
    If you want to enjoy one the best rated European cities for alternative culture and hang out at the beach, this is your destination this summer.

    Where: Barcelona, Spain
    When: 16-17 Juny
    What’s going on: Extreme sports competition 
    Line-up Highligts: Best Riders, bikers & skaters from all over the world
    How Much:

    • Friday: € 12 (Adult) // € 6 (Children)
    • Saturday: € 12 (Adult) // € 6 (Children)
    • 2-days: € 20 (Adult) // € 10 (Children)
      *More options on the website

    Tell me more:


    Jera On Air is a two-day alternative music festival in southern Netherlands. A full festival experience focused on Punk/Hardcore/Metal at the best price. Two live-music stages, a DJ-Stage, a chill-area, camping zone and hopefully good weather. Get ready for the 25th edition that promises to be a BLAST!

    Where: Ysselsteyn, Netherlands
    When: 22-24 June  
    What’s going on: Metal, Hardcore & Punkrock Festival 
    Line-up Highligts: Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies, Architects, Of Mice & Men, Suicidal tendencies, The Dillinger Espace Plan & More!

    How Much:

    • Friday: € 40
    • Saturday: € 50
    • Combi: € 60
      *More options on the website

    Tell me more:













    Resurrection Fest is another music festival. It happens in Vivero a Spanish fisherman town that triplicates its population during 3 days. This festival, popularly known as "Resu", has been being celebrated annually since 2006 bringing the best of Punk, Rock and Hardcore. It already became one of the major Euro festivals in its genre. Last year, more than 80542 people attended the event with a socioeconomic impact of 10.2M euros in the region. Along its history, more than 380 bands have visited the place, like Iron Maiden, Korn, Motorhead, The Offspring, In Flames, Black Label Society, Megadeth, Slayer, NOFX, Lamb Of God, Volbeat, Refused, Testament, Five Finger Death Punch, Trivium, Down, Bad Religion and many more.

    Where: Viveiro, Spain
    When: 05-08 July
    What’s going on: Metal, Punkrock & Hardcore Festival
    Line-up Highligts: Rammstein, Rancid, Mastodon, Enter Shikari, Dropkick Murphys & More!

    How Much:

    • 3 day tickets: € 125
    • 4 day tickets: € 133
      *More options on the website

    Tell me more:



    NASS is the UK’s leading professional action sport and music festival. Held in Bath and the West Showground, near Bristol, it is a jam-packed weekend. Featuring world class action sports competitions (Skate, BMX, Inline and FMX) along many must-see music performances. If 4 stages enough to make you dance?

    Where: Near Bristol, UK
    When: 06-09 July
    What’s going on: Skate, BMX, Inline & FMX and Music Festival!
    Line-up Highligts: Method Man & Redman, Pendulum, Kano, Sigma, Giggs, Wiley  & More!

    How Much:

    • Daily tickets: From 23£ to 49£
    • Weekend + Camping: From 109£ to 149£
      *More options on the website

    Tell me more:



    In just 4 years, Punk Rock Holiday has become one of the most expected events in Europe to announce its lineup as tickets sell out in weeks due to massive demand.
    Location is just AMAZING. Surrounded by mountains, you’re gonna camp next to the cleanest river in Europe and chill under the shade of the forest. The tasty selection of bands will cover your Punk dose but taking it easy while having the best vacation of your life. Unfortunately, all tickets sold out in 10 Hours. You need to be faster next time!

    Where: Tolmin, Slovenia
    When: 08-11 August   
    What’s going on: 100% Riverside Punk, Rock, Hardcore Festival
    Line-up Highligts: The Offspring, The Toy Dolls, Pennywise, Propagandhi, Ignite  
    How Much:

    • Friday: SOLD OUT
    • Saturday: SOLD OUT
    • 2-days: SOLD OUT 

    Tell me more:


    Boardmasters Festival is an annual event held in Cornwall, United Kingdom, usually held over four days in mid-Alugust. The event is a combination of live music and surfing/skateboarding competitions in the town of Newquay. The festival heritage goes back to 1981 when it first started. You’re gonna dance with more than 40,000 souls.

    Where: Cornualles, UK
    When: 09-13 August
    What’s going on: Live Music & Surfing/Skateboarding competitions
    Line-up Highligts: Jamiroquai, Two Doors Cinema Club, The Vaccacines, Alt-j & More!

    How Much:

    • Daily tickets: From 49£ to 59£
    • Weekend + Camping: From 129£ to 184£
      *More options on the website

    Tell me more:


    In the heart of the Taubertal Valley, in the center of Germany, with the beautiful medieval town of “Rothenburg ob der Tauber” in the background, happens Taubertal Festival. This event is genuinely different from other open air events. Limited by it’s natural amphitheatre you’ll have the chance to taste some of the best german beers!

    Where:  Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Alemania
    When: 10-13 August
    What’s going on: Amazing Rock & Punkrock bands in the valley of a medieval town!
    Line-up Highligts: Biffy Clyro, Billy tallent, Rise Against, Anti-Flag, The Amity Affliction
    How Much:

    • Friday: € 61,50
    • Saturday € 61,50
    • Sunday: € 61,50
    • 3-days: € 126
      *More options on the website

    Tell me more:


    Whether you want to relive your glory days as a skater punk of the '90s, or just want to have a super cool punk rock vacation, Italy's Bay Fest is the spot for you. Held right on the waterfront in the Emilia-Romagna region, Bayfest could not have a better venue for summer fun.

    Where: Igea Marina, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
    When: 13-14-15 August
    What’s going on: Punkrock Festival 
    Line-up Highligts: Bad Religion, Rise Against, Pennywise, Good Riddance, Anti-Flag & More!

    How Much:

    • Monday 13: € 23
    • Tuesday 14: € 32,20
    • Thursday 15: € 32,20
    • 3 days: 72,50€
      *More options on the website

    Tell me more:

    April is not summer yet…we know! But that’s our extra-festival!


    If you like punkrock, crowsurfings, stagedivings, headbangings and feeling like a teenage punkrocker anarchist this is your place every last week of April. This is the most historic punk rocker meeting in Europe!

    Where: Meerhout, Belgium
    When: 29-30 Abril
    What’s going on: PunkRock, Hardcore & Metal Festival 
    Line-up Highligts: Deftones, Parkwaydrive, Thrice, Anti-flag, Pennywise & many more

    How Much:

    • Combi: € 110 / 130
    • Saturday: € 80 / 95
    • Sunday: € 70 / 85
    • Camping: € 15 / 20
      *More options on the website

    Tell me more: