Even though it’s one year late, Tokyo is finally hosting the 2020 Olympics and will feature new sports, including skateboarding 🛹  and BMX freestyle 🚴‍♀️ .  As you might know, we have always been big fans of these sports, so we are incredibly excited that they are taken into consideration in this year’s Olympics.🔥 

In skateboarding, the past few days have been very exciting. Our friend, Andrea Benítez, debuted becoming the first woman to ever skateboard in the Olympic Games!! She made history! 🖤  

When it comes to the podium results, you might feel a little old…. the gold medalist, Momiji Nishiya, and silver medalist, Rayssa Leal, are both only 13 years old. The bronze medalist, Funa Nakayama, is the older one… but she’s only 16! 🤭 💥 

Momiji Nishiya and Rayssa Leal

Rayssa Leal, Momiji Nishiya and Funa Nakayama

Ninshiya’s victory isn’t the first gold for Japan 🇯🇵 , as Yuto Horigomi won on the men’s side a day earlier. A similar thing happened for Brazil 🇧🇷 , with Leal’s silver and Kelvin Hoefler’s in the men’s category.  But there are still days left! A lot of things can happen and we can’t wait to see it!

Yuto Horigome


BMX freestyle has also made its Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 games, finally! 🙌

There are nine female and nine male riders looking to make history as the first BMX Olympic medalists.🏅 Riders will compete in the park discipline executing tricks on obstacles such as walls, box jumps and spines. So exciting to watch this incredible sport bring a fresh feel to the Olympic programe! 💥  

bmx freestyle rider

At American Socks, we couldn’t be more excited to finally have this incredible sports in the Olympics! ❤️