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    News — Market

    5 Things to do at Palo Alto Market

    5 Things to do at Palo Alto Market

    american socks calcetines barcelona palo alto market altos con rallas

    5 Things to do at Palo Alto Market

    With this hot weather comes a fresh Palo Alto. Head to Poblenou this weekend for this stylish market's Beach edition. As well as a wide range of wares for sales—design, vintage, handmade—there are also workshops, galleries and live music performances, and organic, gourmet and street food stalls. You can spend the whole day shopping, then grab some delicious food to keep your energy up. 

    American Socks is having an exposition of the latest sock releases. All the range of Knee High, Mid High and Ultra High including the SS16 Collection. 

    Here's what you can do during the weekend:

    1. Stroll Around.

    Palo Alto is a rally rad place to visit. Located in Poblenou 100m away from the beach, is a beautiful spot, a 1900's industrial factory converted today into a Park with plenty of designer and art offices. Once every month a fashion, music and food market takes over and it becomes a crowded and elegant place to be.


    2. Buy Something.

    Local designers and brands expose their latest releases, if you're looking into vintage clothing, sunglasses or socks (há!) you'll get great deals and special discounts. It's your chance to get some American Socks for a lower price. If you hang around telling everyone you're a famous fashion blogger...maybe you'll get stuff for free. Liar!


    3. Grab a meal at a Food Truck.

    The gastronomic offer is HUGE. You can get Sushi, Burgers and even the best tapas in town, everything made at the moment with the finest ingredients. Prices are NOT cheap but you're getting top quality meals. For dessert, how does a Crêpe sound?


    4. Listen to live music.

    Palo Alto Market ambiance gets it's cherry with music. 3 different stages will transport you to the Barcelona vibe. Check their website for timings and performances here.


    5. Drink the typical Vermut.

    The sour drink, you love it or hate it, tastes best with some tapas. Ask for it at the bars and start some conversation with local people.

    See you there :)

    american socks palo alto barcelona calcetines altos con rallas skater

    american socks calcetines barcelona palo alto market altos con rallas american socks calcetines palo alto market barcelona altos con rallas



    Surf City Festival x American Socks

    Surf City Festival x American Socks

    We've been invited to join the SURF CITY FESTIVAL 2016.

    SURFCITY FESTIVAL is a multidisciplinary art festival under the concept SURF versus CITY, the contrast between nature (Surf / Sport / Adventure) with the city (Urban / Work / Services), two antonyms concepts are merged into one space to inspire all artists that participate in the many activities planned. The program brings together disciplines such as music, design, photography, shape, skate, sculpture, painting, illustration, performances, live art, cinema ... all them are the backbone of the festival and are complemented by other activities with professionals, such as lectures, conferences and workshops.

    Young national and international talented artists contributed with their particular artistic vision of this particular lifestyle, surfing.

    American Socks goes to Groezrock!

    American Socks goes to Groezrock!

    Pumped to write down this words:
    American Socks is official sponsor for the Punk/Hardcore festival GROEZROCK in Belgium. Rancid, Sum 41 or Hatebreed among others will be hitting stage this late April in Meerhout. The festival is already in the TOP3 of the European alternative acts, and has grown huge since it's first edition in 1999.

    For the special ocasion we'll be releasing a collaboration sock: "American Socks x Groezrock" that will be available at the merchandise booth and the official promotional booth.

    Hope to see you all there.

    pd.Check out the full line-up below!

    american socks groezrock official sponsor