With so many socks we know it can be hard to choose, that’s why we want to make things easier with the new American Socks Gift Boxes 🎁

hands holding the american socks giftboxes

¿Want to give away the best socks but it’s impossible to choose? Don’t worry, we got you 😉

With the American Socks Gift Boxes you’ll only have to decide the one you like the best, and that’s it: THREE PAIRS of your favorite socks ready to give away 🧦 🧦 🧦 

Also, don't worry, we have options for everyone🔥


For color lovers that don’t want to go unnoticed.

The perfect formula: TRIPPIN' TIE DYE + PASTEL TIE DYE + FLOWER POWER, inside a box designed to be as bright as our socks. 🍭

Tie Dye collection gift box


Tattoo obsessed? We are too.

Three of our favorite designs: WOLF + YOU SOCK + LOW LIFE ready for the ink fanatics who always want more.  🐉

Tattoo Collection Gift box


Are you a Signature collection fan? Aloha! This gift box is for you.

 LIVE NOW + ALOHA + TROPICAL VIBE, three Hawaiian inspired designs and a lot of good vibes. 🌴

Aloha Gift box


Want to travel to Japan? Feel the best of Japanese culture at your feet.

Our new designs OISHI + SHIBUYA + YOKAI together in the perfect Japanese gift box. 🎎 

Japan Heritage gift box


Ready to deliver, American Socks style! Our new Gift box is here to let your inner chef out.

This Gift Box comes with a surprise: inside you’ll find our socks PIZZA MID-HIGH + JUNK FOOD SIGNATURE and the ORIGINAL AMERICAN SOCKS APRON! Ready for you to cook as good as you look. 🍔

Suuper fast food gift box
suuuper fastfood gift box


A sweet touch for those who prefer our ankle-high.

The perfect pastel tones: VIOLET + SUNSHINE + SAKURA, in the American Socks classic style. 🍬

cotton candy gift box

Now you know! Don’t look for more gifts and surprise everyone with the American Socks gift boxes! 🤩