It’s finally time for Extreme Barcelona 2021, and American Socks had to be there! 🤟

This year we are more excited than ever, that’s why we are teaming up with our friends at RockZone with an unbelievable stand to mess things up! 💥

Want to party? Come by our stand at the Urban Art Zone! Thanks to the RockZone DJs we will bring you a bit of everything: urban, hip-hop, rock, punk, indie… So that no one gets left behind! 🔥

If what you are looking for is entertainment, don’t worry, in our stand we will have a Gaming Zone 🎮 where you will be able to play classic video games like Mario Kart or Street Fighter 👾, do you accept our challenge?
Obviously, we don’t want our #sockers leaving without their socks from American Socks, so we will also have our selling point in the same stand! 🧦 ❤️

If you want to live the Extreme Barcelona 2021 experience to the fullest, you know what you need to do: come by the Urban Art Zone and get ready for a big one with American Socks and RockZone! 🙌