TOP 10 HOTTEST & HEAVIEST SPANISH BANDS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE Spain: Paella, Sangria, sun, beach, chorizo… WAIT A MINUTE! There’s a lot more than all that stereotypes...



Spain: Paella, Sangria, sun, beach, chorizo… WAIT A MINUTE! There’s a lot more than all that stereotypes our beautiful country has. And if we talk about extreme music, you need to know that there's a bunch of stunning bands that will rock your ears off.

So please non-spanish friend… seat, relax and take note about some of the hottest and the heaviest spanish bands that you really need in your life.

Tip: We did a Spotify Playlist featuring some great hits of all the bands we’re gonna talk about (Metal, Hardcore, Deathcore, Metalcore, Thrash… Heavy stuff!)

In alphabetical order: 

Against the waves - Madrid (Melodic Metal / Hardcore / Electronic)

against the waves american socks

Against the waves is formed by 5 talented dudes from Madrid who have been fighting and working hard since 2008, becoming one of the most exciting spanish bands to discover. Their last album was recorded in USA with Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Of mice & Men…) it sounds huge enough to bring down a mountain, we personally love it!

AnthemI’ve seen brighter days
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Bellako - Mataró (Barcelona) -  (Hardcore/Metal)

bellako american socks

Heavy music, gang vocals and marihuana are probably the daily stuff of this 5 crazy lads from Barcelona. They’ve been playing since 2010, touring around the country, bringing stages down and breaking necks. If you're into Hatebreed, Madball or Brujeria… roll a joint and enjoy! 

Anthem: Planta Madre + Humo
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Blaze out - Barcelona (Metal/Thrash)

blaze out socks calcetines
They are young, talented, and they’re becoming pretty popular in youtube. Their last single “Wrath Afire” reached more than a 1.500.000 views on Youtube and they've performed festivals like Resurrection in Viveiro. Be aware, this is not a one hit wonder, this is just the beginning of something huge! For Heavy-thrasher lovers!

Anthem: Wrath Afire
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Brothers till we die -  Madrid (Hardcore/Metal)

Don’t let their angelical faces fool you! They are moshpit beasts, and their music will smash your face and
crash your brain. Their live gigs are massive too. You don't want to miss their upcoming album “The Thin Line Between death and immortality". It's coming out this 2017.

Anthem: Back in the game
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Cannibal grandpa - Madrid (Deathcore)

What kind of music would you expect from a band using a name like that?
They are the perfect BSO for big circle pits with your friends. If you play it at home loud enough you'll piss out your mom and grandparents! Worth a listen.

Anthem: Dear Diary                     
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Crisix - Barcelona (Metal/Thrash)


Formed in a mid sized city, Igualada, they are one of the most international bands on the list. Bored of touring the Iberian Peninsula they aim for South-America where they have a very passionate following. They even made up a mixed concept for soccer and pogo dance.
These great metal motherfuckers are willing to conquer the world! Nothing is going to stop them.

Anthem: The great metal motherfucker
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Dawn of the Maya - Pamplona (Metal/Hardcore)

The mayas tried to predict the end of the world…. but what they didn’t predict is this all star formation from Pamplona. Genius drumming plus mix of throat breaking vocals with melodic choruses, brings out a bunch of tunes you don't wanna miss. 
They have a new album out called “Colossal".

Anthem: Old statues
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Hyde abbey - Barcelona (Deathcore)

Born by the European California, "El Maresme" we still don't understand what turned them into the darkest side of music. They are talented, have passion and they know how to bring out a decent breakdown. Their mentality is very open minded and they are a hell of a hard touring band. Thumbs up!

Anthem: Bake Kujira
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Meltdown - Hernani (Basque Country) -  (Metal/Hardcore)

We love their name! (Enter shikari song! cool!) But the outstanding skill of writing music is what adds up most to this band. They are young and talented enough to perform some technical and electronic metal that you can't miss. We hope to see them soon in our city 😉

Anthem: Gears
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Thirteen Bled Promises - Madrid  (Deathcore)

Imagine that one day humankind needs to open the gates of hell and collaborate with the devil to fight against an alien invasion. Sounds fun, right? Well, that's the storyline behind the last album “The Black Legend”. This crazy deathcore band from Madrid are willing to be abducted to perform the first ever live show in a UFO.

Anthem: Biblephagy Slender Phytobezoars
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HAMLET - Madrid  (Metal)

hamlet american socks

Hamlet is one of those bands that have been out there since the late 80's but has been rearranging to be up to date with the newcomer metal fans. With several albums out they are already a legend of the spanish metal scene and almost all of their gigs go sold out. We're lucky enough to have them within the American Socks family 😍


Not Enough for you? Every music scene is very complex and we try to list some of the dozens of awesome bands we have out there. Your band might not be here so feel free to mail us your music and we'll give it a listen in the office.

Support & respect your locals. It's a long way to the top and every artist deserves a mention, a listen and a opportunity. 

Many bands didn't make it this time. That's why we will be releasing VOL.2 very very soon! 

Share it, rock it and enjoy it!



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SURVIVAL GUIDE: Music festivals
For us who live for the music, summer is merrier than Christmas. Yeah, sure, when it is Christmas time you get to see your family, eat amazing food and hopefully...
For us who live for the music, summer is merrier than Christmas. Yeah, sure, when it is Christmas time you get to see your family, eat amazing food and hopefully you will get some presents (American socks, maybe?) but when summer lands, music festivals arrive with it.

We did a tough research and talked to the most prestigious universities to create this SURVIVAL GUIDE for MUSIC FESTIVALS. Well, we didn't talk to no university, but we are all survivors and we all know a trick or two, so get ready because here we go!

1. Planning it

It should be a no-brainer. Find the one that makes you say "Oh, man..." every time you read the lineup. Get the money for it (no questions asked, we are not cops) and get ready.
Make it rain
Book the flights if you have too, convince a few friends (use puppy eyes if necessary) and tell your boss your aunt is having a surgery and those days you need to take care of her. Note: Please, make sure your boss and your aunt don't know each other.

2. Packing for it

Every music fest is different. Is it gonna be indoors? Will you be out in the sun all day? Is it a rainy place? Make sure you check the weather before you pack. If you go to cold places remember to bring a warm beanie and extra socks (we are not just saying it because we want to sell them, your feet will get cold as f*ck at night). If you go to a sunny place bring sunglasses and some kind of hat (people with ridiculous hats are always nice to meet and have cool stories).

Just in case, always bring:
- A rain poncho
- A flashlight. Yes, we know your phone has a flashlight but, trust us, the batteries are always dead when you need them the most.
Rain poncho - Willy

3. Locating yourself in it

Okay, you get to the venue/camping zone. Wait patiently because it will take a while. In fact you will have to wait patiently for almost everything, so relax. If you go to a hotel, find it and leave all the heavy stuff there. If you stay in a RV, find a nice place for it. If you camp with the rest of the warriors... Try to find a place NOT TOO CLOSE TO THE RESTROOMS. We know that having the Peeing Palace close seems like a nice idea now, but in 20 hours that zone will have a BIOHAZARD alert. You will need to walk for a midnight pee, but the other option is way worse.
The ugly truth they dont tell you: most zombie outbreaks start at a festival's bathroom.

4. Living it

    • Get a program and find your favorite bands. See that they don't overlap (if they do, we are really sorry, we know the pain) and create a schedule. Hold that paper like it is your life.

    • Remember that COMFORTABLE >>>>>> STYLISH. Wear comfy clothes and SHOES. We all have seen that girl (or boy, we don't judge) wearing high heels and we all wondered WHY. We are sure you can find the perfect balance. Rock it, but take it easy.
blaire - pain
    • WEAR SUNSCREEN. Capital letters, yes. We don't care if you come from a sunny country, we don't care if you are addicted to self-tanning. WEAR SUNSCREEN. Being all red and in pain can destroy the whole experience and can cause future health problems. We love you, guys, we just want you to be safe.
    • Wear earplugs if possible. During the festival they will protect your ears from loud music. During the night they will help you ignore the couple trying to conceive a baby two tents away.

    • Protect your head with a hat and your eyes with sunglasses. It adds +500 COOLNESS to the pictures and you can be hangover, no one will tell (hopefully).
hungover smelly

    • (Also) Drink water. We know beer is awesome and the other spirits can be amazing too, but remember that water is your best friend. A glass of water for every glass of alcohol will save you tomorrow.

    • Eat your carbs. You may be on a diet but the amount of energy you are going to use today will be outstanding. Bread, pasta, rice... They taste amazing and will keep you on track. Keep yourself fed or this will be you by the time your favorite band plays:

    • Don't kill your friends. I mean, first of all, it is illegal. Second of all, they are your friends. Maybe you want to go to different shows, but it is okay, you can make groups or you can go by yourself. Set a meeting point for every time someone gets lost and be patient. IMPORTANT NOTE: Don't kill the driver or the one with the keys of the room. Blood can be messy.

    • Forget the electronics. Don't tweet, don't take a lot of pictures, don't call your mom in the middle of a show. Phones get broken, ex-girlfriends/boyfriends get texted when drunk and cameras get lost. Just ENJOY THE GODDAMN SHOW.

But the most important part is : Have the time of your life, have fun and meet new people, That is what music festivals are about. See you in the mosh pit!kid pit
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