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High socks go hand in hand with skateboarding since its birth in the 1960s. American kids bored of hearing stories about communists and with the rise of the hippies found their new street passion: skateboarding.

Inspired by surfing, which was the cradle for the Californian hipsters who listened to the Beach Boys, the skateboard culture invaded private pools, squares and streets. The first competitions and magazines did not take long to catapult this sport into the mainstream and it has not stopped growing until today.

From our point of view, everything is an advantage when skating with old school socks. In winter when it's still freezing cold and you want to wear your shorts (total postureo!) to the most technical point of view. Read on to find out why high skater socks are hot!

Here we leave you with the 5 reasons why to wear high socks skating.

(Especially if they are American Socks 😉)

1. They protect you from nasty shin splints. We all know that a shin splint can leave you shattered, apart from a nice bruise that will stay with you for several weeks. Wear them high, they are like a condom for your legs.

2. They are pure Old School. Have you ever seen the first pictures of Stacy Peralta or Tony Hawk? Those guys have marked the way of dressing since 1975 and everything comes back. Today, in the 21st century, high skate socks are here to stay.

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3. Compression through a tube. During your long sessions in the bowl or on the square, your muscles are working at maximum strength to keep you balanced as you try to pull off that trick. Good compression in your lower extremities will help you optimize the effort.

4. Bulletproof reinforcements. The soles and heels of your feet take a lot of punishment. That's why the entire bottom of American Socks is reinforced and padded. Normal socks from Primark (which you like for their price) break at the heel or toe in no time, that added to a good session in the Marbella of Barcelona is equal to a good blisters. What a damage!

5. Breathe and let them breathe! Many brands offer technical material made of non-organic fibers that cook your feet in summer. We only use cotton and COOLMAX® fiber, both of which provide anti-odor qualities with high breathability and durability.

If that's not clear to you, then you're on your own. We have socks for skateboarders and any of its variants such as longboarding and riding kiddo toys like scooters. 🔥🔥🔥

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