A perfect fit? Ankle High Socks and summer!

A perfect fit? Ankle High Socks and summer!

With a lower cut and made from 80% breathable cotton, our Ankle High Socks are the best option for your adventures in this warm weather. 🔥🔥🔥

American Pride- Ankle High
Rainbow Pride- Ankle High
Old School- Ankle High

You can rock the classics: American Pride, Back in Black, Old School and Rainbow Pride, but if you prefer to add a pop of color, for the total summery look, we also have them in Sunshine, Bali, Crimson, Sakura or, our newest addition, Violet!             

Sunshine- Ankle High

We can’t wait to see your summer looks with the Ankle High Socks from our American Socks family, so make sure to use the hashtag #AmericanSocks or to tag us @americansocks

Back in black- Ankle High
Sunshine- American Socks