As you know, at American Socks we are as passionate about the environment, as we are about socks. Our main purpose is to produce quality clothing while being environmentally and socially responsible throughout every stage of production ♻️  

Details matter, that’s why we are also concerned on how we deliver your order. We aspire to reduce all plastic use in our production process and in order to do so, for the new year we have developed our own NEW PACKAGING 📦 💥  

NO MORE PLASTIC! 🤘🏼 Now your orders will arrive safely in a customized American Socks shipping bag made from recycled paper. We aspire to leave single-use plastic behind and compensate for the Co2 emissions we release to the atmosphere. 

      • NO PLASTIC ♻️
      • Recycled paper ☘️
      • Double seal 🌿
      • With bellows 💚
      • Custom made to fit our products

We have been working hard to design the best quality packaging you could get, using ONLY recycled and eco-friendly materials, so we hope you love them as much as we do! 🥰  

Want to see how we pack your socks with our new shipping bags? Check out our Instagram 💞  So c'mon, get your orders ready because our shipping bags are waiting for you!